Bloomy Lotus Sky Diffuser



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The sleek, minimalistic Bloomy Lotus Sky ultrasonic aroma diffuser brings the serenity of aromatherapy to your space in a simple, yet innovative design.

The untouchable regions that occurs with all natural phenomenon. Full of imaginations and endless variability lead to an ultimate of creativity.

The different colors of light emphasize the creativity of the sky, while the special handling for the diffusion surface enhances the gradations. Following the mist, your mood is stretched out from the sea to the clouds upon sky.

Inspired by nature, featuring long misting times and soothing LED lights that create a sense of well-being and calm serenity at a click of a button, whilst adding healthy humidity to the air, supporting your relaxation and well-being.


Product Size:                        Ø80mm(L) x 255mm(H)
Water Tank Capacity:        115ml
Material:                               BPA free PP and glass
Power Input:                        DC24V / 12W

AC Adapter:                        Standard European

LED Colours:                       Purple, candle light, pale blue in rotation or fixed mode
Run Time:                            2, 4, 8 hours
Coverage Area:                  Up to 45 m²


Product Features

– Ultrasonic technology breaks any mixture of essential oils and water into millions of microparticles , disperses them into the air

– 3 LED illumination on the diffuser

– Operation Time Setting (2hrs, 4hrs, 8hrs) , auto Shut-off at low water level

– High quality GLASS body finishing with special Spraying Effect

– Unique Modern design inspired by misty in between sky and sea

– BPA-free

– Diffuser has a special coating that protects against erosion by essential oils